Environment Approach
We have determined our entire working model based on respect for the environment.

• We have been operating with the philosophy of “respect for the environment” from the day we first began operating in 1994. We will continue to do so until closure at the end of the mine’s life.

• Our Mine Closure Plan outlines the actions that are required to rehabilitate the mine site. The budget we have reserved to accomplish this is 14 million dollars.

• We have formed Water Management and Energy Management Teams to decrease waste of natural resources and to maintain sustainability. We have reduced the amount of water we use per one unit of ore 25 percent by increasing recycling opportunities for underground and surface waters. The quality of underground and surface waters are regularly monitored and protected through internal and external laboratory analyses.

• Thanks to our energy and fuel efficiency projects we have reduced the energy and fuel amount per unit of ore we use by 15 percent in the period from 2007 to 2015.

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