Job Health and Safety Approach
• Provide every employee with a safe and healthy work environment in accordance with mining industry's best practices,

• Provide suitable training to ensure all employees and contractors are able to recognize & report hazards and mitigate “risks” in their activities,

• Comply with relevant safety, health and environmental legislation and adhere to the highest standards of responsible practices for the mining industry, even in the absence of legislation; support R&D work towards improving these applications,

• Implement and maintain best practice safety, health and environmental management systems,

• Implement and maintain “effective emergency prevention, preparedness and response systems”,

• Participate with government and other stakeholders in the formulation of safety, health and environmental legislation and policies,

• Act in compliance with the risk based mine closure plan developed in accordance with all regulations and permits in force,

• Strive to reduce the environmental impacts by reducing unit consumption of natural resources,

• Communicate these policies to the employees, contractors, the community, government agencies, suppliers and customers.
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