Çayeli Bakır’ Training on Technology Addiction in Cooperation with Green Crescent Society

Çayeli Bakır, conducting its works with social responsibility since the day of its establishment, organized “Training on Technology Addiction” in cooperation with Madenli Municipality and Green Crescent Society. The training, aiming at increasing the awareness regarding technology addiction, was received well by the people of Madenli.

“Training on Technology Addiction” organized by Turkey’s exemplary mining company Çayeli Bakır in cooperation with Madenli Municipality and Green Crescent Society was held at Hamit Bostancı Training and Culture Center. The training, given to the women of Madenli district and the spouses of Çayeli Bakır employees was received well.

During the training aimed at increasing awareness regarding our addiction to technological devices that became a significant part of our lives, Çayeli Bakır and Green Crescent Society provided answers to such questions as “What are the harms of technology addiction?”, “How can I protect myself from technology addiction?”, “How does one become addicted?”, “What do addicts go through?”. The training gave striking examples of how technology addiction causes physical harm, disruption in persons psyche and harms psychological development.

In his opening speech before the training, Madenli Municipality Mayor Necip Yazıcı indicated that as much as technology is significant in our daily lives, so is the appropriate use of time, and that responsible use of technological devices is one of the most needed topics of today. He also expressed his gratitude to Çayeli Bakır and Green Crescent Society for their cooperation and his hopes that the training would be useful for the participants.

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