Governor Yazıcı entered the New Year with Horon dance together with employees of Çayeli BakIr

Mr. Ersin Yazıcı, the Governor of Rize, celebrated the New Year with the employees of Çayeli Bakır İşletmeleri in the underground. Governor Yazıcı, who spent the last hours of 2014 with the Horon dance together with employees of Çayeli Bakır İşletmeleri in the underground, offered the New Year's cake by cutting it with his own hands.

Çayeli Bakır İşletmeleri (CBI) greeted the New Year in the underground. Governor Ersin Yazıcı, Provincial Gendarmerie Acting Commander Lt.Col. Nedim Selbisu, Provincial Police Chief Adem Çakıcı, Çayeli Sub-Governor Turgay Ünsal, Madenli Mayor Necip Yazıcı and CBI Managing Director Iain Anderson participated to the New Year Party, as well as mineworkers.

Governor Yazıcı, who came together with the mineworkers, told that "We are together with our miner brothers. We cut and ate our New Year cake with best wishes. CBI is a company, which provides optimal working conditions with its international high standards specially regarding occupational safety. The miners in this company told me directly that they had not any hesitation or concern about their life safety while working here". Mr. Yazıcı, who had dinner with the miners and then danced the horon with sounds of the tulum, wished a happy New Year for everybody. After speech of Governor Yazıcı, CBI Managing Director Anderson gave him a present. Subsequent to presentation ceremony, everybody had New Year dinner and cut the cake in the refuge station for 30 people, which is one of the 11 refuge stations and therewithal used as lunch room. The celebration continued effusively with the Horon dance of Mr. Yazıcı and Mr. Anderson.

CBI Managing Director Anderson emphasized his contentment because of the greeting the New Year with Governor Yazıcı and employees, and told that "This celebration in the underground is very important for all of us. I present my thanks and gratitude to Mr. Governor Yazıcı, who greeted the New Year here with our employees instead of his family, because of his gesture and kind visit". Mr. Anderson stated also he was proud of their company's integration with people of the country and then wished a happy New Year for their employees, Rize and Turkey and told that "I hope that the year of 2015 would be a safety year for all employees, especially for miners".

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