Çayeli Bakır’s Basic Mining Training is in its 10th Year

In the 10th Basic Mining Training organized by Çayeli Bakır, one of Turkey’s underground mining operations, 13 more people earned their certificates. The Mayor of Madenli and leading names from the region attended the Certificate ceremony.

Çayeli Bakır held its 10th Basic Mining Training for Madenli District residence in the scope of its social responsibility projects. The Basic Mining Training platform, participated by 13 people was organized under the headings of mechanized metal mining, machine maintenance and heavy duty vehicle use. The training, which was greeted with great interest by the Madenli District youth, lasted 90 days.

Madenli District Mayor Necip Yazıcı, Çayeli Bakır Human Relations Manager Osman Zeki Yazıcı, Social Counsel Board President Prof. Dr. Osman Karamustafa and board members were among the leading names who attended the certificate ceremony.
Çayeli Bakır Social Counsel Board President Prof. Dr. Osman Karamustafa said, “This training was one of the recommendations we as the Social Counsel Board had given Çayeli Bakır. We are pleased to have successfully completed the Basic Mining Training, organized for the 10th time this year for the purpose of vocational education. We believe this training will play an important role in helping the Madenli District youth to develop skills and launch into professional careers and will also add great value to our region. We are very pleased that Çayeli Bakır has undertaken this educational mission and is lighting the path of employment for our young people”.

A total of 113 people have become certified through these Basic Mining Courses to date
A total of 113 people have gained vocations in the basic mining field with the Basic Mining Course organized by Çayeli Bakır, one of Turkey’s exemplary underground mining operations. Out of the people who attended the courses 86% have been employed at Çayeli Bakır and in other sectors. In addition to theoretical courses, young people who take this training receive practical training in subjects such as certificate class vehicle use, maintenance and basic mining and have the opportunity to apply and experience what they have learned by training underground.

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